Are You Struggling with Heartbreaking End-of-Life Decisions for Your Cat, Dog or Animal Companion?

Pet Euthanasia or Natural Pet Death,
Animal Hospice and Pet Loss Grief…

Are You Struggling with Heartbreaking End-of-Life
Decisions for Your Cat, Dog or Animal Companion?

I’ve been there, too. There IS help.

Dear Animal Lover,

I’ve had many animal companions over the years, but none has ever come close to my cat, Skooky. He came into my life as a teeny black kitten while I was a student overseas, alone and far from home and family. I lived in a dangerous city, had a very stressful career and a marriage that ended in painful divorce. Travel and life events took me far from those who were close to me, but Skooky was always there.

I frequently say he was my soul mate, and I’ll bet you know what I mean.

SkookyThere was joy in my life every single day with him. He was so playful. I would come home from work, keyed up from the stuff that seemed like it was real, then I’d hear just one “peep” in his little voice, and I’d realize all the rest was nonsense. He put everything into perspective. I felt joy and bliss when I was around him.

I made Skooky promise that he would live with me till he was 30. I’d known many cats who lived well into their twenties, so it seemed reasonable. But one day when he was just 15, our vet Pat noticed that one of his kidneys felt smaller than the other. It was the beginning of chronic renal failure. I felt like the Universe was violating my agreement.

Skooky’s health declined quickly.Skooky

He was thirsty all the time, and got disoriented, meowing like he didn’t know where he was. It was gut-wrenching to see my kitty child suffer…and incredibly difficult to consider the questions that arose from his condition:

  • Was it really too late to help him get better?
  • How much worse would things get before he died?
  • And, if he didn’t die naturally, how would I know when to put him down?

Skooky and Samantha

I wanted every possible minute of time I could have with him!

I’d had experiences with euthanasia before. The worst was with my brother’s cat, China. She was a rescued stray who fell off a 4th story balcony and broke her windpipe. A nice veterinarian shocked us with the news that it was a fatal injury, and China would have to be put down.

He didn’t prepare us for what was to come.

China was whisked away, and a few minutes later we were presented with the limp body of a dead cat. Although we were both adults, we were overwhelmed. We didn’t know what to do, and we sobbed together like children.

So many friends have told me similar stories —

  • “I just wasn’t ready to let her go.”
  • “I knew he was going to die, but I couldn’t accept it.”
  • “I had no idea what to expect and rushed her to the vet. She died there in a room full of strangers, away from those of us who loved her.”
  • “It all happened so quickly . . . and now I wonder if I made the right decision.”
  • “It broke my heart to see her suffer for so long. I wish we could have afforded the surgery.”

You know, veterinary technology has made great advances in treating pets, but no one can keep them alive forever. Death is a natural part of life, but we still try to fight against it.

Dealing with the death of our pets is frightening and hard to do alone.

SkookyWith Skooky, fortunately, things were different. It was incredibly hard to see him suffer, but I had someone who could explain what was happening to him and give me the strength and information to make the decision I felt was best for my cat.

That person is my friend, Dr. Pat Bradley. She is both a holistic veterinarian with 28 years of experience and a Licensed Professional Counselor. (Amazing, right?!) While veterinarians are trained in the treatment of our companion animals, they are not experts at helping pet owners through the highly emotional dying process.

Most vets are great with animals, but not necessarily with people. Pat is both.

I heard about Pat through the grapevine. She has a reputation for spectacular end-of-life care. When friends talked about her assistance with the passing of their animals, they described it as beautiful, spiritual and “just a lovely experience.” I couldn’t believe they were referring to the dying process!

Pat became our family vet (she’s pretty good with pets that aren’t dying, too) and taught us so much about natural, holistic pet care, like how to use homeopathy and better food as a complement to conventional medicines. I have loved her ability to advise on what is medically appropriate for her animal patients as well as on the emotional and spiritual needs of their caregivers.

I still miss him every day.

It’s been two years since I lost Skooky. Pat’s wisdom and support have taught me that feeling sad even years after the loss of my cat is okay, but I don’t feel guilty or regretful about the decisions I made with her guidance. I know Pat can help you, too.

That’s why I’ve begged her (okay, more nagging than begging, but I really wanted this for you!) for years to reach out and help more animal lovers. Her answer is this electronic book (eBook), More Than a Pet: A Holistic Guide to Animal Hospice, Compassionate Pet Death and Euthanasia.

More Than a Pet


I am thrilled, moved and so excited to share it with you!! Just this one line from Pat’s introduction gives you a glimpse into what you can expect from her:

“I want to help people to stop making decisions out of fear.
Knowing what to expect and having plans thought out ahead of time
can help ease even the most difficult situations.”

– Dr. Pat Bradley
from the Introduction to
More Than a Pet


Written for people like us who value animal companions as members of the family, More Than A Pet gives you honest, clear information about the questions and issues that arise during the end of your cherished animal’s life. Pat provides ideas and options that work for a variety of experience levels, life situations and spiritual backgrounds.

As you’ll no doubt experience when you read this eBook, Pat’s approach is loving, practical and nonjudgmental. She’s about helping you make decisions that work with your beliefs and values, so you can feel confident and at peace with the choices you make.

In More Than a Pet, you’ll get valuable information that no one else is telling you.

I’ve been a client of veterinarians for years, and I respect anyone who feels called into that important profession. But none of them – not one! – ever brought up to me the issues Pat discusses in this book!

You can see from the Table of Contents the important topics Pat covers:

  • In the Introduction, Pat discusses death – and why no one ever talks about it!
  • Chapter 2 covers the anticipatory grief that arises when you realize your animal is approaching the end of his life;
  • Chapter 3 looks at the supplies you’ll need as you prepare your home for hospice;
  • Chapter 4 takes you step-by-step through the process of choosing an assisted or natural death;
  • Chapter 5 describes what to expect from a natural death;
  • Chapter 6 prepares you to talk to your veterinarian about assisted death;
  • Chapter 7 explains the assisted death (euthanasia) process;
  • Chapter 8 discusses whether you should be there for your animal’s death, and how to prepare yourself;
  • Chapter 9 provides information about being a hospice caregiver;
  • Chapter 10 is about remembering and memorializing your beloved animal companion;
  • Chapter 11 introduces you to the grieving process and what you may experience;
  • Chapter 12 for your family and friends, to help them help you in this emotional time;
  • The Appendix is full of resources, guides and checklists that you can print out for easy reference.

In addition Pat will share with you …

  • Stories from other pet owners, the decisions they made and how they made them (which may help you to feel less alone)
  • The signs that death is approaching, so you know what to expect and can face this process with sense of calm and a feeling of peace – if you choose to do so
  • Financial, legal and ethical issues you may not be aware of (I certainly wasn’t)
  • 12 questions to ask your veterinarian before a euthanasia, which could prevent emotional and financial pain
  • A frank discussion of why it’s so hard to talk about the death of our animals
  • A detailed description of the euthanasia procedure, so you can approach it without fear
  • A path to help you decide if you want to be there for your animal’s death – and how to prepare yourself
  • Pat’s personal method for using dreams in your decision making
  • 15 supplies you’ll need for to prepare for your animal’s death at home (and a resource guide of where to find them)
  • 14 questions to contemplate when choosing a compassionate death
  • How to be there for your animal as a hospice caregiver – and how to keep yourself from burnout during this demanding time
  • 10 things your friends can do to support you – including in a full chapter to print out and share with your friends and family
  • A chapter introducing the grieving process and the most common emotional reactions experienced during it
  • Loving, creative ways to remember and memorialize your pet’s life and death
  • Touching stories of how others have memorialized their beloved animal companions


It’s a thorough guidebook offering what you need to know to give your animal companion a compassionate death.Pat

This eBook probably isn’t for you if you just want someone to “tell me all the answers.” It is important to Pat that her clients feel empowered to choose what’s right for them, not to be told what to do.

As well as Pat’s personal guidance, you’ll read stories of others who faced end-of-life decisions and how they handled it. Inspiring, touching and really wonderful ideas and examples from “crazy cat ladies,” “dog people” and animal lovers of all kinds. (Even rats!)


How long is the eBook?
The eBook is 122 pages long including the appendices.

What format does the eBook come in?
More Than a Pet comes in convenient PDF format – allowing instant access on any computer.

Can I get a paper copy?
At this time, More Than a Pet is only available as an eBook formatted for easy on-screen readability and printing.

How does the money-back promise work?
Just send us an email within 30 days telling us you’re dissatisfied, and we’ll give you a full refund. We promise you’ll love it or we’ll buy it back from you.

What if I don’t have a dog or a cat?
More Than a Pet is suited for all of us who love our animal companions, including those that are not cats or dogs.

Let Dr. Bradley’s wealth of knowledge and compassion help you.

After working with Pat, I felt peaceful about my decision to ease Skooky’s transition at the end of his life. After reading More Than a Pet you, too, will know your options and be able to make a decision about which you’ll feel confident and peaceful. I am sure that you will agree with me that Pat’s eBook is worth every penny of the $20. And, if you don’t agree, Pat will cheerfully refund your purchase price in full.

Dealing with the loss of a beloved animal companion is incredibly difficult. Take a moment to click on the purple button below and get instant access to your copy of Dr. Pat Bradley’s eBook today. For less than the price of a vet visit, you’ll be getting Pat’s 28 years of experience in helping people like you and me through this difficult period in their lives.

With love to you and your animal companions,



P.S. Sure, this is sad stuff. I couldn’t even write this letter without crying half the time. But I think you’ll be surprised how much calmer you’ll feel when you read Pat’s step-by-step procedures, checklists and sweet stories. Fear and avoidance won’t help our animals; educated, loving and compassionate caregivers will. Let Dr. Pat Bradley guide you through the process…. We promise you’ll love it.